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Hi Jason,

Thanks for your request for more information on the entertainment packages I offer. I like to call myself a wedding reception entertainment specialist!

Many times throughout the year I help make wedding receptions fun, entertaining and exciting. The best style of entertainment for this type of event is called 'walk-around' magic.

This is where I go around the reception and entertain small groups of four to eight people with their own personal five to ten minute, highly interactive, magic show. Your guests are real involved with this because of the amazing things that happen in their own hands. Playing cards change identities while in their hands. Magic sponge balls pop out of their hands from no where.

One of the most talked about illusions is the Sugar Trick. Sugar vanishes in mid-air and reappears freely flowing from peoples sleeves without anyone having a clue to where it is coming from. Many people scream when this happens. This is great because it such an intimate experience for your guests. To see this trick in action, press play on the video below:

Everything they experience is self-contained within my pockets so it's very flexible. At anytime, you can come up to me and say, 'You know that guy over there, he loves magic and I think you should go pull a trick on him...'

One of the most talked about illusions is the magical pick-pocketing I perform on your guests. I make items, such as watches, magically appear in my hands without
anyone even realizing their gone from their wrists.


Many people scream in surprise when this happens. This is great because it is so intimate. A lot of people see magic on TV or on a far away stage in Las Vegas
and never get to experience it live, up-close and personal. A perfect icebreaker for family members and friends at a wedding reception.


And because of the interactive nature of my magic, both adults and children are thoroughly entertained and amazed.

Keep Your Guests Entertained And Make
Your Reception Unique

You'll enjoy seeing all the smiles on your guests' faces and be delighted by hearing people laugh and have a good time.

This is happening while you and your newlywed spouse are relaxing and enjoying yourselves.

The investment for the walk-around magic is $349 for up to one hour. Or if you're looking for something a little longer in duration, you can have up to two hours of entertainment for only $395. For a complete 3 hour entertainment package, it's only $495.

As a special bonus, I'll do a special, quick 5-minute presentation in front of everyone, using the bride and groom in a funny and amazing feat. These prices are good XXX area (additional driving fee may apply if out of the Twin Cities).

Let me know if you have any additional questions or if you would like to go ahead and reserve me for the reception.

Thanks XXX!

Jason Purdy

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Have you seen any of my performances?

Pricing varies tremendously form a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the type of performance.
Some people want an entertainer to entertain the children... The guests during the picture taking etc. while waiting for the Wedding Party to arrive. And/or an actual, comedy/magic/illusion show. It's really up to you! There are a wide variety of things that we for wedding receptions. Intimate close-up mingling "tableside" magic (usually takes place during the reception before the Bride & Groom show up form pictures etc.) To an actual show (available in different sizes and packages) at some point during the evening to break up the dancing etc.

I have developed a short and sweet program that has been very popular. I invite the Bride and Groom up in front of the guests, and perform a special effect for them. It's great because all the attention is on the Wedding couple, and it's a downright amazing effect! At the same time it has some great comedy. Just good clean fun for all ages! This small presentation along with some walk around magic usually fits the bill. I usually hear many guests comment on the "great idea to have magic" it's not as popular as say a band etc. But after all, it is a very special and MAGICAL day!

All of my shows are tailored to whatever age group I/we are performing for. Most of my shows are set to music and use special lighting and effects. I combine comedy and lots of audience participation.

Please let me know if I can be of further service.

Thank you for your interest in The Magic of Jason Purdy.


~Jason Purdy

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e-mail: info@jasonpurdy.com
Are you still in need of entertainment for the children attending your wedding? Have you also considered entertaining your adult guests as well? I specialize in both!

I'm a professional Magician/Illusionist From NH. I offer magical entertainment, audience participation, comedy, drama, suspense... But most of all entertainment! I can perform close-up miracles that happen at the tables and in the hands of you and your guests! OR perform a full blown Comedy/Illusion show. (Or a combination of both.)

Many people don't consider a magician to entertain their guests, until is is brought to their attention. Often I'll walk around from table to table and perform close-up intimate miracles at receptions. Generally when the guests are waiting for the Bride and Groom to arrive. Later, before the cake cutting, I have the Bride and Groom assist me in a fun, comical, (but romantic and touching) effect in front of the whole group. It is a short and sweet presentation that gets rave reviews!

Please take a look at my website: http://www.jasonpurdy.com

I be happy to discuss this with you further. (with no obligation from you.)

I look forward to your reply!

Magically Yours,

P.S. What other people say about me is much more important than what I have to say. To see more testimonials from my past clients I've had the pleasure to work with, visit here:  http://www.jasonpurdy.com/letters/letters.html


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