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"Discover How Jason Purdy’s Programs Of Magic, Humor, And Audience Participation Can Make YOUR School’s Special Event Educational, Memorable, Profitable, Entertaining And Fun!"


“Your visit to our school was such a wonderful opportunity for our students to witness your magic and ask, "Now how in the world did he do that?"  By getting kids to ask questions and wonder about something is the first step in getting them to want to learn more.  You talked to them about this very thing, and I want to personally thank you for that.  ...Several books about magic flew off the library shelves and the talk around school was pretty much centered on how much everyone enjoyed your show.  Of course, everyone was wondering how you magically fixed my scarf after you cut it!!  This is the very reason we want to bring enrichment to our schools. It launches interest and excitement and broadens the horizons of our students.  Thank you for helping make this happen for our students.”

Patricia Cushing, Principal

Thank you for your interest in
The Magic of Jason Purdy’s  School Programs

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jason Purdy and I am a full-time New England based Magical Entertainer.  I have been studying the magical arts since I was eight years old. I have been producing intelligent, classy, wholesome family entertainment since 1989. My magic and Illusion shows have been featured entertainment for many New England Schools for over fifteen years! During my high school years, I was performing for schools while I was still in school myself!

I offer a virtually self-contained magic/ illusion show with special effects, sound, lighting, and assistant(s). A perfect entertainment addition or feature, for you schools programming. My magic assembly presentations are baffling, mystifying and most of all FUN! (They are even educational!)
I have also presented many workshops and lectures as well as themed my magic around requested ideas and events. (I.e. “Harry Potter Day”, “Reading is Magic”, “Follow your dreams” etc.).

Although I offer themed shows, such as motivational and anti-drug/chemical shows, I feel children (and teachers too) sometimes need a refreshing break (a “reward” if you will). While many entertainers “specialize” in themed programs, I educate and touch on many important topics subliminally. The children are inspired; forced to question reality and learn, “things are not always as they seem”. With this approach, they are having fun and learning in an unconventional way.

As you probably know, trying to find quality entertainment for your school’s programming can be like playing the lottery. I’m sure you have your “regular” entertainers and programs that you have been happy with in the past; maybe you are ready for something different and new? Maybe, you have been disappointed with previously booked entertainment for any number of reasons? Look no further. Allow me to help you! I take pride in my excellent reputation for quality, dependability, reliability, and service. Above all else, I guarantee to be a highlight of your event.

Whether working with a small group or the entire school my shows are energetic and my presentations are a sure crowd pleaser. My Illusion show has been a huge success for numerous school’s assemblies, orientation, graduation, and has been successful in fund-raising events. Some schools have hired my services as many as seven times! My career has literally taken me half way around the world and back! Twice! (Two six-week performances in Osaka Japan.)

Unlike some performers who are hobbyist or part-time entertainers I am a full-time working professional entertainment specialist. What does this mean to you? It means weather I’m working with a single class, or an entire school and their families. You will receive a polished, professional program that appeals to all ages. The great flexibility of my magic permits arranging programs of any length, from an act of ten minutes, to over an hour (Or tailored to a class/assembly period). For those extra special events, we can work together with you, incorporating your event theme into the presentation. Making it possible to design a program to meet your “specific needs”.

I have an excellent reputation for quality, dependability, reliability, and service.  Above all else, I guarantee to be a highlight of your event.  Whether working with a small group or the entire school my shows are energetic and my presentations are a sure crowd pleaser.   

  • Self-contained show!

  • Flexible

  • Appropriate for all ages

  • Audience participation

  • Guaranteed to make your event memorable and fun.


We are currently booking our 2009-2010 calendars, and would love to add you to our roster.

Capture the magic and reward your students with a fun filled magical presentation before a vacation. 
Or plan ahead for a fun-filled assembly before the end of the year!

"The Magic of Jason Purdy" offers a self-contained “one-man” act and a full-scale magic/ illusion show with special effects, sound, lighting, and assistant(s).  There is no event to large or small!

"From up-close and small to the grandest of halls, we do it all!"

If you would like more information please contact:

The Magic of Jason Purdy
PO Box 197
Keene NH 03431-0197
Or, please call (603) 352-1080.


Thank you for your consideration.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely yours,

~Jason Purdy

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