Many magicians use catchy titles like "LIVE ANIMALS" or "DOVES".  When in-fact they may have one or two birds and try to pass that off as a "dove act". The Magic of Jason Purdy presents an ACT with doves!  Lots of them!  This is a non-stop, thrill a minute, Must see!

The perfect opening act for almost any event. This is a very visual, colorful, act ranging from six to twelve minutes. This is the act that brought Jason to international status! This act has been a headline at three Magic Conventions to date. Jason magically produces an original performance piece with the ever beautiful and enchanting doves.  This act is available with or without an assistant.

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"Well, I must say I knew you when."

General Grant


"I am glad you shared your video and skill with me. it's a great way to start the day when i see someone who can entertain the audience and who looks like they belong on the stage. Keep up the great work."

Jay Leslie


"Jason Purdy is Absolutely spectacular!!!  He puts a new touch on a classic style magic act. Jason's Dove act is considered a work of art to his audience. It was brilliantly thought out, His movements and transitions flow perfectly, from one miracle to another.  He immediately captivates the audience and keeps them wanting more."

Joe McLeod


"It was a real treat to see your show at the SAMCON Convention. Being a professional dove worker/magician myself, I can really appreciate the smoothness and style of your performance.  I highly recommend your show for audiences of all ages. Great job. Hope to see your show again soon."

Happy Magic,

Amazing Lou



Above:  Jason Purdy and the late Channing Pollock one of the forefathers of dove magic!

Above:  Birds of a feather flock together.  Lance Burton, Jason Purdy, Channing Polock



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