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Jason Purdy                             PO Box 197, Keene, New Hampshire 03431-0197

Phone/fax (603) 352-1080                                                           http://www.jasonpurdy.com

Hi %$firstname$%,
This is to confirm %$field9$%'s party. Please look over the following details and visit:
http://www.jasonpurdy.com/confirmation to confirm as this will tell me that you've received this message and that everything is okay. 

The Magic of Jason Purdy Performance:

  1.  Engagement Date and Time:              Date: %$field2$%          Time: %$field3$%

  2.  Name and Address of Client:               %$firstname$% %$lastname$%                     Contact: %$secondaryphone$%
                                                                      %$city$% %$state$% %$zip$%

  3.  Name and Address of Engagement:    %$field4$%

  4.  Type of Engagement:                         Children's Birthday
                                                                      Number of children: %$field6$%

  5.  Performance Description:                   Birthday Show for %$field9$%'s Birthday Party

  6.  Fees and Deposit:                              %$field8$%                     Deposit:

  7.  Other Specifications:                          Private early set up, in a spacious room is helpful.

  8.  Directions:                                         %$field10$%
Upon receipt of this contract, please forward a non refundable 25% deposit of the stated compensation along with a signed copy of this contract to:

The Magic of Jason Purdy
PO Box 197
Keene NH 03431-0197

It is understood by both parties that the balance of the performance fee (less the 25% deposit) is to be paid in full upon arrival (before the show starts) in the form of cash, check, or money order. Please make check(s) payable to: %$merchantname$%. If you wish to pay with a credit card please let me know in advance. Thanks. 

In the event that the performance must be canceled on behalf of the Presenter or Artist due to   circumstances beyond their control, the Presenter and Artist shall be respectively relieved of their obligations with respect to this performance.  In the case of a cancellation by the artist, the 25% deposit will be refunded.

I should arrive approximately 30 minutes early prior to show time to set up my equipment. 

  Due to time limitations and performance schedule, the program must begin promptly and as close to the agreed upon time as possible. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 
If you have any questions please call me at: (603)352-1080.
NOTE: Taking flash pictures of the performance is fine. Videotaping is prohibited during performances unless granted prior consent.
To confirm the above information (if everything is correct), please
VISIT HERE: http://www.jasonpurdy.com/confirmation 
If there are any changes or if you need to speak with me, please give me a call at %$merchantworkphone$% or just email me: %$merchantemail$%.
I look forward to performing at %$field9$%'s party and helping make it magical, memorable and fun!
Thanks %$firstname$%!
Magically Yours,