Cool Slideshows

Jason and Melissa

"Politicians have been doing that for years!"

That was former President Clinton's comment after his jaw dropped in amazement when Jason (far right) turned his One Dollar Bill into a Five Dollar Bill. Jason graciously returned the Five back into a One before returning the Bill to an astonished Mr. Clinton.

I am your number one fan!

Jason (left) Saying a quick hello to David Copperfield. Copperfield is one of Jason's earliest influences.

Black Rain

If you have seen the movie Black Rain you may have seen this man. He was a body guard for the Japanese Mafia.

Kevin Spencer and Jason.

Kevin Spencer of the Spencers is a great Illusionist and a real down to earth person.

We will catch you!

Michele' and Amelie are amazing! They are a hand balance team. They were headlining with Jason in Osaka Japan in 2000-2001.


Jason with 2Trux from Germany. Claudia and Michael are another super hand stand act. Jason met them on a 1998 Japan performance.

Jason and the "Magician's Apprentice"

Jason was recently showing Mickey a trick or two at Disney..

"Magic Hands"

Jason paying a visit to the magical cement hands of his mentor, Mr. David Copperfield.

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