Internationally known Magician
and Illusionist Jason Purdy is a natural born performer.  He craves the attention of his
audience and once captured holds them hostage to their amazement.  With Jason's stunning flair for dramatics and the love of his art, Jason combines a spectacular blend
of polished magic and illusions,
witty comedy and toe tapping
music along with audience
participation to create a memorable, magical
entertainment experience!

Jason has been perfecting his art for over two decades!  As a boy, Jason was given his first magic set. The set was old
and dilapidated with many
missing pieces of apparatus.
But the one thing that it wasn't missing in the eyes of this seven-year-old, was the mysticism of the art itself. To this day, Jason
carries that intrigue within him and passes it on to his audience.

Jason Purdy is a full-time,
professional entertainer.  His classy, intelligent shows are in demand entertaining a wide array of audiences at various corporate events, colleges,
resorts, fairs, schools, hospitals, conventions and private parties
throughout the United States.
Jason has been featured in
several newspaper articles
and has earned the respect
of many enviable critics.

"The Magic of Jason Purdy"
incorporates classic magic
and sleight of hand as well as
contemporary, cutting edge,
Grand Scale Illusions.
Whether Jason is performing
his awe inspiring dove act or
materializing his assistant in
a glass box you never know
what he is going to do next.

If you are looking for a different way to be entertained or just need feature entertainment,
"The Magic of Jason Purdy"
is for you!

Don't miss the opportunity
To experience "The Magic of Jason Purdy".

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